Whether you're looking to start your two wheeled adventures or wanting to progress your skills on the road, we have a choice of courses to suit all needs and abilities.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Your starting point to a world of two wheeled adventures, with CBT you complete a course covering 5 elements to get you prepared for the road. There is no test to complete and this can be done at your own pace.


Direct/Progressive Access (DAS)

The next stage in your training, this will allow you to ride an A2 or full A licenced vehicle depending on your age. Training is completed to cover both the on road and off road manoeuvres required to pass the DVA tests.


Refresher Training

Been off the bike for a while or feeling a bit rusty on the road then this option will let you get some confidence back with a personalised lesson on your own bike or one of our training bikes.


Advanced Training

Keen to progress your skills with the aim of taking an advanced test in the future, then we can provide coaching and mentoring to help you understand Motorcycle Road Craft and make you a much safer rider on the road while understanding how to get the most out of your machine.

Beginner to Advanced.JPG

Beginner to Advanced Course

A bespoke Beginner to Advanced level course. For further details please click the badge above.