Riding on a Highway

Beginner to Advanced Course

Whatever your reason for riding, whatever type of motorcycle you plan on buying, this course is designed to get you there with the best skills to be safer on the road.

This course is aimed at students who have some road experience already gained through either cars, vans, lorries etc. We will then take you through CBT, Direct Access and the IAM Roadsmart Advanced Rider test to not only help you gain your licence but also pick up the best skills to be safer on the road.

Why consider this course:

Become the best rider you can from the start.

Advanced riders are proven to be safer on the road.

You will gain more knowledge about machine handling and control.

Potential to reduce your insurance costs

What's included in the course:

CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

Direct Access Course

DVA Mod 1 Off road manoeuvres test fee

DVA Mod 2 On road test fee 

IAM Advanced Rider test fee

30 Hours of instruction

Test hire of vehicle for the 3 tests.

What do you need to start this course?

Current driving licence/provisional licence

Motorcycle Theory Test

Be aged at least 19 years old (A2 or A licence only)

What does it cost?

Course is priced at £1500

Recommended reading:

DVSA Guide to Riding The Essential Skills

Motorcycle Roadcraft - The Police Rider's Handbook

The Official Highway Code for Northern Ireland

Know Your Traffic Signs

The small print:


1) Course needs to be paid in full before the agreed start date.

2) Package includes one attempt at each test. Additional attempts will be charged at £95 for test hire and the appropriate DVA or IAM fee. 

3) Motorcycle Theory Test must be completed prior to starting the course


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