Advanced Training

This course is aimed at those who are looking to improve on their riding ability and work towards completing one of the Advanced Riding tests that are currently available. You can complete this course on your own vehicle or you can use a school vehicle. For this type of training the course can be tailored to your own specific needs so please call us to discuss your requirements.


What is Advanced Riding?

Advanced riding can best be defined as becoming a thinking rider and applying the principles and systems of motorcycle roadcraft to every ride. Through learning these principles you become a more alert rider, your riding becomes smoother and ultimately you become safer on the road.

Why learn Advanced Riding techniques?

It has been shown that 9 out of 10 accidents on the road are through rider/driver error whether this deliberate or accidental. With advanced riding techniques we teach you how to observe what is going on around you, anticipate the actions of other road users and plan your route ahead. This will help to minimise the errors and likelihood of you being in an accident.

Who does Advanced Rider Testing?

Both the Institute of Advanced Motorists and ROSPA provide advanced Rider tests locally.

Who would benefit from Advanced Rider Training?

  • Anyone who hasn't taken advanced tests.

  • People who ride for work.

  • Anyone who shares a keen interest in developing their skills on the bike.

  • Part 2 AMI test candidates.

  • People who have passed their L test.

  • Commuters.

  • Anyone returning to biking.


Course Prices

1/2 Day Rider Training (4 Hours) - £120

Full Day Training (7 Hours) - £200

1 Hours training - £35

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